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Captain studying

OUPV (6-pack) License 7.5

(Near Coastal, Inland, and Great Lakes)

This Captain's exam preparation software is a Microsoft Windows desktop application. See products for screenshots and a general overview of this application.

Item 3005: $99.00

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OUPV (6-pack) Near Coastal, Inland, and Great Lakes

This application and related materials included on the flash drive are for mariners seeking an OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels). An OUPV license allows you to carry six passengers and is often referred to as a 6-Pack license. This application will prepare you for your exams at the Reginal Exam Center but is also a great introduction for those who plan to take a U.S. Coast Guard approved course. Familiarizing yourself with safety, deck general, Rules of the Road, and introduction to Chart plotting videos will have you ahead of the rest of the class and can prevent the class from being such a struggle. Don't go to class unprepared!

Module Question Bank Size Num of Questions on Exam Passing Score
Q100 or Q300 Rules of the Road 1020 50 90
Q356- Deck General/Safety 1740/1520 50 70
Q357- Navigation General: Great Lakes and Inland 1496 50 70
Q357- Q358- Navigation Problems: Chart Plot Approx. 300 10 90

This software currently contains questions, answers, and illustrations for rules of the road, deck general, navigation general, deck safety, and chart plotting questions.

Written explanations are provided for set and drift with leeway, use of publications like coast pilot and tide and currents, course made good, compass error corrections, plotting visual bearings, ETA, and chart notes and legends.

Chart plotting instructional videos are provided, including: introduction to publications, introduction to chart tools, introduction to nautical charts, introduction to maneuvering board, course and speed made good, course to steer with set and drift and leeway, speed made good with time, running fix, and a complete ten question USCG plot (as a student would see on their actual USCG exam). See below for a sample of our training videos. Training charts can be obtained here.

Located on the flash drive in the deck resources folder are several manuals, many of which are required to solve the USCG questions. The following list of manuals are in PDF format and can be printed or transferred to a portable device:

See products for testing application screen shots and general overview, and warranty and shipping and sales tax information. See the latest Software Guide and User Manual to see all of the features available.


Minimum System Requirements: