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AB or QMED manning a fire monitor

AB-Lifeboatman 7.5

This exam preparation software is a Microsoft Windows desktop application. See products for screenshots and a general overview of this application.

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Able Seaman - Lifeboat

Module Question Bank Size Num of Questions on Exam Passing Score
Q450 - Navigation Rules of the Road 1020 50 70
Q451 - Deck General/Safety 1141 50 70
Q445 or Q447 Lifeboatman 447 50 70


Marlinespike Seamanship - Demonstration Exam Code: AB02

Knot, Bend, Splice, Hitch Requirement Time Limit
Eye Splice with bitter end whipped

Short Splice with whipped ends
One of these two items must be successfully demonstrated 15 minutes

Square Knot

Clove Hitch

Sheet Bend
Each of these four items must be successfully demonstrated 15 minutes to complete these four and any six you choose from below
French Bowline
Running Bowline
Bowline on a Bight
Cat’s Paw
Figure Eight
Carrick Bend
Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
Rolling Hitch
Stopper Hitch
Timber Hitch
Stage Hitch
Barrel Hitch
Fisherman’s Bend
Double Becket Bend

In addition to the exam preparation software, located in the flash drive's Deck Resources folder there are several deck manuals. Most helpful is Bowditch, Rules of the Road, the Marine Fire and Safety manual, and the USN Seaman Manual. The USN Seaman manual has a chapter on knots and hitches. The following list of manuals are in pdf format and can be printed or transferred to a portable device:

See products for testing application screen shots and general overview, and warranty and shipping and sales tax information. See the latest Software Guide and User Manual to see all of the features available.


Minimum System Requirements: