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Captain chart plotting

Master 500 1600 GRT License 7.5

Near Coastal and Oceans

This exam preparation software is a Microsoft Windows desktop application. See products for screenshots of this application. Mariner Advancement only collects sales tax for the state of Florida.

Item 3002: $139.00

Flash Drive Image

Mariner Advancement Master 500 GRT & 1600 GRT Oceans & Near Coastal

Mate 500/1600 ton is on a different flash drive, located here.

Module Question Bank Size Num of Questions on Exam Passing Score
Q100- Rules of the Road 1020 50 90
Q120- Deck General 2975 70 70
Q121- Deck Safety 2234 70 70
Q122- Deck Safety: Stability Prob. 534 10 70
Q123- Nav Gen: Near Coastal 1749 70 70
Q124- Nav General: Oceans 275 70 70
Q125- Nav Problems: Chart Plot 18 tests 10 90
Q126- Nav Prob.: Near Coastal 674 10 90
Q127- Nav Problems: Oceans 380 15 80

Each Rules of the Road question is linked to the corresponding rule. Click to view.

Includes over 500 pages of terrestrial navigation explanations.

Includes over 125 pages of deck general explanations.

Includes chart plot training HD videos from introduction to charts and tools to three complete fifteen question exams, one for each chart.

Deck Stability and Celestial questions are included in the application but we recommend these printed explanations as an addition.

Deck Stability Book

Full Description

Item 5001: $54.95

Deck General and Stability Calculations for Master 500 GT through 2nd Mate Unlimited Vol 1

Terestrial Book

Full Description

Item 5003: $49.95

Terrestrial Navigation Problems worked-Out For Master 500 GRT Through 2nd Mate Unlimited Vol 2

Celestial Book Vol 3

Full Description

Item 5005: $54.95

Celestial Navigation Calculations Worked-Out for Master 500 GT through 2nd Mate Unlimited Vol 3

Celestial Book Vol 6

Full Description

Item 5006: $29.95

Celestial Navigation (Upon Oceans)Textbook Vol 6

See the first video above for an overview of these additional digital PDF resources located on the thumbdrive.

See products for testing application screen shots and general overview, and warranty and shipping and sales tax information. See the latest Software Guide and User Manual to see all of the features available.


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