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AB or QMED manning a fire monitor

QMED 7.5

Jr Eng, Electrictian-Refrig, Fireman-Watertender, Machnist-Pumpman

This exam preparation software is a Microsoft Windows desktop application. See products for screenshots and a general overview of this application.

Item 2032: $109.00

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QMED Jr Eng and ALL other QMED ratings

This QMED Jr Engineer flash drive is set up to be used for any QMED rating. The chart below shows the subjects needed for each QMED rating. All subjects needed are listed here and are on this QMED Jr Eng flash drive. Simply study the subjects marked with an X for each QMED rating for which you wish to prepare.

Ratings Test Code General Motors Refrig Safety Steam Electrical
Question Bank Size 667 261 235 386 304 598
Jr Engineer Q800-Q801 X X X X X X
Electrictian-Refrig Eng Q802-Q803 X X X X
Oiler Q804-Q805 X X X X X
Fireman-Watertender Q806-FWT X X X
Machnist-Pumpman Q807-Q808 X X X X


In addition to the exam preparation software, located in the flash drive's Engineering Resources folder there are several manuals. The following list of manuals are in pdf format and can be printed or transferred to a portable device:

See products for testing application screen shots and general overview, and warranty and shipping and sales tax information. See the latest Software Guide and User Manual to see all of the features available.


Minimum System Requirements: